Twelfth Doctor Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver

This faithful replica of the Twelfth Doctor’s original sonic screwdriver features spring-loaded extending action, plus electronic lights and sounds. The device is touch-controlled – just hold the body of the screwdriver between your finger and thumb to activate!

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5.5″ Twelfth Doctor in White Shirt Action Figure

This highly detailed and articulated action figure features the Twelfth Doctor in his classic navy blue ensemble with a white shirt. The figure is part of the 5.5” Collector Series and comes with his own sonic screwdriver.

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Price: $27.00

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Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper

What Christmas tree would be complete without an Angel? This impressive tree topper features a golden coloured Weeping Angel, gracefully posed and covered in glitter. Just make sure you don’t take your eyes off it!

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Price: $27.00