Wind Up Daleks Collector’s Pack

Wind up these Daleks and watch them patrol around menacingly, moving their heads from left to right as they watch out for any enemies to exterminate!

This collector’s pack of Paradigm Daleks features the red Drone, the yellow Eternal, the blue Strategist, the orange Scientist and the white Supreme. Standing at 8 cm tall, all are powered by wind-up clockwork, so there are no batteries required.

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Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper

What Christmas tree would be complete without an Angel? This impressive tree topper features a golden coloured Weeping Angel, gracefully posed and covered in glitter. Just make sure you don’t take your eyes off it!

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Price: $27.00

Glass Christmas Ornament – Red Dalek

This hand-crafted glass Christmas ornament, modelled on the Doctor’s deadliest enemy, is styled in the traditions of European mouth-blown glass. Skilled artesans hand-paint each ornament with intricate details.

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Price: $15.00

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