The War Master 1: Only the Good

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Derek Jacobi returns as the Master for the first time since 2007’s Utopia. Joining him are Jonny Green (Torchwood’s Tyler Steele) as his companion Cole and Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks.

A quartet of adventures chronicling the Master’s exploits during the Time War. From posing as the Doctor on a Dalek-occupied world, to going undercover on a hospital planet, to seeing the culmination of his masterplan on 1970s Earth, these tales give a fascinating new angle on both the Master and the war he loathes... The Master stars in his own series at last! Not only that, but the short on-screen life of Derek Jacobi’s incarnation means the character is ripe for further exploration. Producer Scott Handcock (Torchwood, Gallifrey: Intervention Earth) has cleverly identified that the Master isn’t a warrior, so instead this 5CD set sees him attempting to manipulate the Time War to his own ends.

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