The War Doctor Volume 3: Agents of Chaos

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Three War Doctor Audio Adventures in a 4CD boxset, starring John Hurt as the Doctor and Jacqueline Pearce as Cardinal Ollistra.

In this blockbuster trilogy of adventures chronicling further skirmishes of the Time War, the Sontarans make a desperate move to enter the conflict, the Daleks plot to turn the tide of battle against Gallifrey and the horrors of war threaten to spill over to planet Earth... This boxset places the War Doctor on Earth for the first time, making the inspired decision to send him to Cold War Berlin – an appropriately bleak chapter of history to match the machinations of the Time War. With the addition of Sontarans to the ongoing mix, and writers David Llewellyn, Andrew Smith and Ken Bentley on board, this may be the most diverse War Doctor collection yet.

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