The War Doctor Volume 2: Infernal Devices

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Three War Doctor Audio Adventures in a 4CD boxset, starring John Hurt as the Doctor, Jacqueline Pearce as Cardinal Ollistra and guest starring David Warner as Technomancer Shadovar.

The Time Lord formerly known as the Doctor uncovers an unthinkable plan for the TIme Lords to gain an edge in their war against the Daleks, is drafted by the scheming Ollistra to a field mission on a desolate asteroid and ventures to a world where time itself has become a weapon... Whilst the first War Doctor miniseries was penned entirely by Nick Briggs, this follow-up collection takes a more diverse approach, by bringing in acclaimed scribes John Dorney and Matt Fitton, along with relative newcomer Phil Mulryne, to offer a fresh perspective on the most secret of Doctors. Having the War Doctor become Ollistra's companion for one instalment is an inspired move and provides Hurt and Pearce with some great material.

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