Gallifrey: Time War 2

Romana (Lalla Ward) and Narvin (Sean Carlsen) of the Celestial Intervention Agency seem to have lost all of their allies, and the War Council of Gallifrey has a new leader. Enter: Rassilon (Terence Hardiman).

In their time of need, the Time Lords have resurrected their greatest hero. But the return of Rassilon deepens the divisions on Gallifrey, and Romana and Narvin soon discover that not even the Time War will put an end to the planet’s political machinations... Everyone loses in war time. While the first set in the saga charted the outbreak of the war, the second explores what dark methods the Time Lords may resort to if they are to emerge victorious. But every action has its consequences, and the exploration of a Time Lord resistance opposed to Rassilon’s authoritarian approach adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already compelling scenario.

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