The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 3

Two Third Doctor Audio Adventures in a 5CD boxset, with Katy Manning as Jo and Tim Treloar’s special rendition of the Doctor, featuring Robin Weaver (Black Mirror), Iain Batchelor (Wolf Hall) and Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks.

Storm of the Horofax sees the Doctor and UNIT called in to investigate an alien ship found in the North Sea, while The Conquest of Far pits the Doctor against his oldest enemies on a human colony now under Dalek control. Pairing an earthbound UNIT adventure with a futuristic sci-fi tale means this 5CD set captures the essence of the Third Doctor era whilst also giving it a new lease of life. Treloar’s performance has always been a respectful tribute to the Third Doctor, and with two sets already under his belt his rendition is now honed to a remarkable level of precision.

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