The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 2

Two Third Doctor Audio Adventures in a 5CD boxset, with Katy Manning as Jo and Tim Treloar’s special rendition of the Doctor.

The Transcendence of Ephros sees the travellers encounter a devious corporation picking over the remains of a dying planet, while The Hidden Realm brings the intrepid pair down to Earth, to a town of mysterious disappearances, sinister magpies and secret alien plots... Volume 2 switches up the format laid down by its predecessor, dropping Mike Yates from the line-up to focus on the relationship between the Doctor and Jo, and ditching the occasional narration of the previous volume in favour of full cast, full blooded drama. With social themes, galactic yo-yoing, Venusian Aikido and the inclusion of Jo’s cousin Stephanie, this set promises to be a mix of the traditional and the new.

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