#249 The Kamelion Empire

A Fifth Doctor Audio Adventure on a double CD starring Peter Davison, with Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough and Jon Culshaw as Kamelion.

The TARDIS arrives on Kamelion’s home world to find it in ruins. But amongst all the decay, something is stirring. The servants of a once-great empire are awakening – servants known as the Kamelion... Big Finish takes a stab at producing the definitive Kamelion story. Seasoned Doctor Who author Jonathan Morris (The Crash of the UK-201) has taken some of the scant details about Kamelion from television and extrapolated from them a history of the galaxy-spanning empire that created him... and others like him. A thorough examination of Kamelion’s character and backstory should make this adventure a fascinating one.

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