#247 Devil in the Mist

A Fifth Doctor Audio Adventure on a double CD starring Peter Davison, with Janet Fielding as Tegan, Mark Strickson as Turlough and Jon Culshaw as Kamelion.

Arriving on a prison ship, the TARDIS crew are accused of aiding the ship’s sole prisoner – the warlord Nusantu, a being with fearsome mind control powers. When the prisoner escapes, the rest of the ship’s occupants must band together in order to stay alive, but can they really trust each other...? Kamelion – an enigmatic, shape-shifting android – was one of the most interesting companions created for television, but technical issues with the onscreen prop limited the character’s appearances to just two stories. Now performed by highly skilled mimic Jon Culshaw (succeeding the late Gerald Flood), Kamelion is an ideal candidate for further exploration on audio – and with writer Cavan Scott (Masters of Earth) placing the impressionable Kamelion in the same setting as a mind-controlling villain, this adventure should make for a strong opening to this TARDIS team’s first trilogy of adventures.

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