#236 Serpent in the Silver Mask

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A Fifth Doctor Audio Adventure on a double CD starring Peter Davison, with Janet Fielding as Tegan, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa an Matthew Waterhouse as Adric.

On the planet Argentia, members of the wealthy Mazzini family gather to bury their patriarch. But someone is killing off the heirs to the Mazzini fortune, and it’s up to the Doctor and his friends to unmask the killer before it’s too late... Script editor Guy Adams (Dalek Soul, UNIT: Assembled) describes this adventure as a mashup of Italian murder mystery thrillers and the film Kind Hearts and Coronets - a classic black comedy about a poor man murdering all the relatives that stand between him and a dukedom. Emerging Big Finish scribe David Llewellyn (Torchwood: Visiting Hours) should make the most of this delightfully bonkers brief.

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