#221 The Star Men

A Fifth Doctor Audio Adventure on a double CD starring Peter Davison, with Janet Fielding as Tegan, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and Matthew Waterhouse as Adric.

Looking to develop Adric’s astronavigation skills, the Doctor pilots the TARDIS to the observatory on Gallius Ultima. But all is not well on the planet, and it is not long before the Doctor and his friends are venturing through dangerous deep-space phenomena and crossing the boundaries that separate this universe from the next... The distinctly scientific flavour of this story faithfully evokes the spirit of the early Fifth Doctor era, when the influence of script editor Christopher H Bidmead was still being felt. It’s appropriate then that this play is written by Bidmead’s one-time protégé, Andrew Smith, who contributed Adric’s introductory tale, Full Circle, to the programme back in the '80s.

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