The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7 Vol 2

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Tom Baker and Louise Jameson are back as the Fourth Doctor and Leela, with guest performances from Dan Starkey (best known for playing Strax), Sophia Myles (Spooks, Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace), Gabriel Woolf (Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars) and many more.

The TARDIS journeys to a twisted caricature of the city of London, a 1970s hotel where the laws of time are being distorted and a planet of social media addicts where the Doctor is public enemy number one... This 4CD set has plenty to offer for fans of the classic ‘70s TARDIS team, with a double dose of surreal adventures – Justin Richards scripting a grotesque version of 1984 and Dan Starkey writing a Doctor Who take on the Hotel California - and an epic two-part conclusion to the series featuring a deadly encounter with old foe Sutekh the Destroyer.

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