The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7 Vol 1

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Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela) and John Leeson (K-9) take us back to the ‘70s in this 4CD boxset, with guest performances from Dan Starkey (best known for playing Strax), Josette Simon (Blake’s 7), Toby Hadoke (Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf) and more.

In this first half of a new series, a planet with recreational mind transference technology is suffering from a wave of suicides, a ship full of Voc Robots are targeted in a dirty civil war and scientist Leela Marshall awakes from a dream where she travels in time and space... This box set, the first of a new format, delivers four discs of adventures in one go, presenting the opportunity to tell more interconnected stories on a larger scale. With Andrew Smith (Full Circle) handling the return of the Robots of Death, John Dorney (The King of Sontar) telling a future-noir tale and a creepy character piece from David Llewellyn (Torchwood: Uncanny Valley) this set looks to kick the new format off with style.

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