Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Vol 2: The Genesis Chamber

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Tom Baker and Louise Jameson are back for this 4CD release as the classic combination of the Fourth Doctor and Leela, with comedian and sometime Tom Baker impersonator Jon Culshaw as DeRosa Janz.

A human colony world is divided: the city-dwellers thrive in their high tech homes with their artificially generated children, while the detested outsiders live a life barely above savagery. The two groups are poised on the edge of conflict, but a third, unknown force may destroy them all... Prior ‘Hinchcliffe Presents’ stories have been historicals, so this release will be the first new adventure to take the classic producer’s style to a futuristic setting. Hinchcliffe’s literary references are on display again, with this story carrying more than a whiff of HG Wells’ The Time Machine.

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