4th Dr 5.3 The Paradox Planet

It’s something of a reunion as Tom Baker and Lalla Ward are joined by Tom ‘Duggan’ Chadbon – here playing the new character of Embery. John Leeson also plays the dual roles of K-9 and computer-god Machina!

They say that peace will stop the war, but how can there be any winner on a planet at war with itself? But the planet Aoris isn’t an ordinary battlefield– the warring factions aren’t neighbouring nations or continents, but the populations of the past and future, with Doctor and Romana caught on opposing sides... The past at war with the future is a concept worthy of Douglas Adams and so well suited to writer Jonathan Morris’ sometimes funny, sometimes serious, often time-bending, always versatile style. Expect something with equals parts wit and grit from this miniature Time War.

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