4th Dr 2.4 The Justice of Jalxar

A Full Cast audio adventure on a single CD, starring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Mary Tamm as Romana I, Christopher Benjamin as Henry Gordon Jago and Trevor Baxter as Professor George Litefoot.

It is the dawn of a new century and a mysterious vigilante known is The Pugilist is on the loose - and Professor George Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago are on the case. But what is the source of The Pugilist's spectacular supernatural powers? Is he alone in his noble quest? And what is his connection to the spate of corpses discovered around London? As they descend further into a nefarious netherworld, the infernal investigators realise they're going to need help if they're to get out of this alive. The help of an old friend and his new assistant. The help… of the Doctor and Romana.

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