Ravenous 1

The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) along with his companions Liv (Nicola Walker) and Helen (Hattie Morahan) move into a new era with this first instalment in a series of blockbuster 5CD box sets, featuring a wartime drama, a time travel/black comedy mashup and a two-part sci-fi adventure on a prison world.

The Doctor and Liv are searching for their missing friend Helen – last seen being abducted by the dangerous Time Lord criminal The Eleven (Mark Bonnar). Whilst on their journey they encounter the likes of wartime prime minister Winston Churchill (Ian McNeice) and a familiar villain with a new, peppermint twist: The Kandyman (Nicholas Rowe)... It’s a new direction for the Eighth Doctor. The epic adventures of past releases have been swapped out for something a little more intimate and spooky, and the interconnected story arcs have been dropped in favour of a more balanced mix of standalone stories and ongoing elements, making this a more accessible, approachable series for listeners new and old.

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