Time and Again: A DWCA Book Club Special Event

The text selected for this book club meeting is ‘Time Unincorporated Vol. 2’ – a collection of over 70 essays covering every era of the classic series of Doctor Who – edited by Robert Smith? and Graeme Burk.

We are delighted to announce that Robert will be our special guest for the evening, giving you the opportunity to discuss the book with the man who helped put it together!


So come along with your friends and enjoy a pleasant evening with good food, great beverages and excellent company!

Date: Friday 9 September

Time: 6:30-10pm

Venue: Level 2, City of Sydney RSL, 565 George Street, Sydney (just a short distance from Town Hall Train Station).

Cost: Entry is free, however tickets must be claimed from the DWCA website prior to the event. This event is open to both DWCA members and non-members.   Click here to claim tickets

Please note: Whilst entry is free, it is requested that food or drink be purchased from the Bistro during the event.

You can also purchase a copy of the book by visiting the DWCA online shop.

Doctor Who: Dot-to-Doc

In September, Penguin Books Australia is set to release Dot to Doc, a join the dots activity book. The book has over 40 portraits with a minimum of 500 dots in each image. Some of the images have over one thousand dots!

There is every incarnation of the Doctor and some favourite friends like Rose, Donna and Captain Jack, and some enemies like Daleks, Cybermen and a Weeping Angel.

For more information, please visit: https://www.penguin.com.au/products/9781405927307/doctor-who-dot-doc

However, to keep you excited for the release here in Australia, you can download and print off a 351 dot picture of the TARDIS for you to fill in. Click here to download the PDF.


Note: the 7th of July date is the UK release of the book.



DATE: Sunday 14 August 2016

TIME: 4pm

VENUE:  2nd Floor Club Burwood, 97 Burwood Road, Burwood NSW

AGENDA: President’s Report; Treasurer’s Report; Constitutional Amendments; and Election of Office Bearers.

Election of Office Bearers

Any candidate standing for election as an Office Bearer (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer) must be a current DWCA member who has held membership for a minimum continuous period of five years. Additionally, they should be able to attend regular committee meetings held in Sydney and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the club.

To nominate for an Office Bearer position, download a Nomination Form and fill in the following information:

  • the name of the nominee;
  • the address of the nominee;
  • the Club member number of the nominee;
  • a statement that the member wishes to nominate for a specific Office Bearer position (a person can only nominate for one position in any election);
  • the signature of the nominee;
  • the date of the nomination; and
  • the signature and the Club member numbers of two members endorsing the nomination.

The form must be submitted to the following address by 14 July:

The Returning Officer DWCA
95 Hamrun Circuit
Rooty Hill
NSW   2766

Eligible nominees will be notified by the Returning Officer once nominations are closed and invited to submit a statement to be provided to members in support of their nomination.

Rules and procedures for the election of Office Bearers can be found in the document Schedule 1 to the Doctor Who Club Australia Constitution, which is attached to the DWCA constitution.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Attendees will consider and vote on a proposed amendment to Section 15.1 of the club constitution, titled ‘Election of Office Bearers’, and the reflection of this amendment in Schedule 1 to the club constitution.

Current wording for the body of the constitution:

15.1 Election of Office Bearers
(1) Candidates standing for election as an Office Bearer must be current Club members, that membership being held for a minimum continuous period of 5 years prior to the election.

Proposed wording for the body of the constitution:

15.1 Election of Office Bearers
(1) Candidates standing for election as an Office Bearer must be current Club members, that membership being held for a minimum period of 5 years and at least 1 year immediately prior to the election.

Current wording for Schedule 1 (body):

5 Lodging A Nomination

(a) A nominee for an Office Bearer position must have been a member of the Club for a minimum continuous period of five (5) years, and be endorsed by two (2) members of the Club, in accordance with Clause 15.1 of The Constitution.

Proposed wording for Schedule 1 (body):

5 Lodging A Nomination

(a) A nominee for an Office Bearer position must have been a member of the Club for a minimum period of 5 years and at least 1 year immediately prior to the election, and be endorsed by two (2) members of the Club, in accordance with Clause 15.1 of The Constitution.

Current wording for Schedule 1, Attachment 1 (nomination form):

I <the undersigned> of <address>, being a member of The Doctor Who Club Of Australia for the last five (5) years, accept the nomination of the two (2) signatories below for the position of <President/Vice President/Treasurer/Secretary>.

Proposed wording for Schedule 1, Attachment 1 (nomination form):

I <the undersigned> of <address>, having been a member of The Doctor Who Club of Australia for the length of time stipulated in Clause 15.1 of the Constitution, accept the nomination of the two (2) signatories below for the position of <President/Vice President/Treasurer/Secretary>.

To be eligible to vote for the proposed constitutional amendment, you must be both:

  • A fully paid-up DWCA member for at least the previous 12 months (1 year), and
  • 16 years of age or over.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to vote, please send a letter to the Returning Officer by 11 August. The letter must include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your DWCA member number
  • A clear statement indicating whether you are FOR or AGAINST the proposed amendment and its reflection in Schedule 1.

A vote in respect of only one membership number per envelope is allowed.

Dig up Data Extract #231 – our special archaeology-themed issue!

The latest issue of the DWCA’s member-exclusive magazine, Data Extract, has been released. And it’s a rather special issue, answering everything you wanted to know about archaeology in Doctor Who.

de 231

Want to know how people reacted to the return of the Doctor’s wife in The Husbands of River Song? Check out A Little Perspective to hear the thoughts of three different fans. What about how River is faring in her new spin-off series from Big Finish Productions? Flick to the audio reviews section of Forum Square.

Or perhaps you’re a fan of River’s predecessor, Bernice Summerfield. In our interview with writer Gary Russell, we hear all about how Gary was given the task of bringing Benny and the Twelfth Doctor together in his new book ‘Big Bang Generation’, set right here in Australia!

And if that’s not enough for you, our feature article covers pretty much the entire history of archaeology in Doctor Who – from The Tomb of the Cybermen, to The Stones of Blood, to Battlefield and beyond. It’s your comprehensive guide to the who, what, where and when of the Doctor and co.’s most memorable digs – and it’s written by a real archaeologist!

If you’re a DWCA member, your issue should be arriving some time this week. If you’re not a member, why not join now? You’ll get a free subscription to Data Extract as part of your membership, as well as a whole host of other benefits.

DWCA Book Club #2 – In the Blood

After discussing short story collection The Legends of Ashildr at our last meeting, the DWCA Book Club has selected its first full-length novel – In the Blood.

in-the-blood book

In the Blood is a newly released book by Jenny T Colgan, one of the four authors of Ashildr. Featuring the popular pairing of the Tenth Doctor and Donna, the text sees the human race driven mad by social media – which is not so far removed from real life if you ask me!

The club will be reading the book over the next two months, with the final discussion set to take place at our Newtown Tavern night on Friday 5 August. Optional, spoiler-free discussion will take place on Friday 1 July, to cater for those who may not have finished reading the book.

The club will also be accepting written reviews of this book and The Legends of Ashildr, the best of which will be published in our magazine, Data Extract. If you’d like to share your review with us, please send it to fsq@doctorwhoaustralia.org.

Pick up Data Extract Issue #230 at Penrith Collectormania

On Sunday 20 March, the DWCA Shop will be attending the Penrith Collectormania toy fair. Said to be the largest in NSW, if not Australia, the toy fair contains collectables covering a range of different fandoms, hobbies, sports and more!

As well as having the latest DVDs, audio dramas and collectables available on the day, the Shop will also be launching the latest issue of our member-exclusive magazine, Data Extract. The mag is jam-packed with content you won’t find anywhere else, including a recount of the Doctor Who Festival by co-host Rob Lloyd and interviews with ’60s costume designer Alexandra Tynan and geek pop artist Meri Amber (this issue’s cover girl).


If you’re planning on attending Collectormania and would like to pick up your copy of Data Extract before it is mailed out to everyone else, email shop@doctorwhoaustralia.org with your name and member number. We’ll put aside a copy of the magazine for you for collection on the day, and Meri Amber herself will be there to sign issues!

Please only contact us if you know you’re going to attend, otherwise postage of your issue could be delayed.

The Fair will be held at the Penrith Panthers Pavilion on Mulgoa Road, just down from the Penrith Panthers Club and right next to Aqua Golf. For more information, visit our event page.

Do you have the latest issue of The Nethersphere?

The latest issue of the DWCA’s e-zine, The Nethersphere, has been released.


The issue covers all the latest news surrounding Doctor Who, upcoming merchandise releases, reviews, event recounts, and even a cryptic crossword!

The Nethersphere is delivered to the inboxes of DWCA members every three months, offset every 6 weeks by our print magazine, Data Extract. If you would like to sign up to receive these two publications as well as a host of other benefits, you can do so right now.

If you are already a member and you have not received the issue (make sure you check your Junk folder!), please let us know by emailing nethersphere@doctorwhoaustralia.org

Come do your Christmas shopping at Look Who’s Talking

Look Who’s Talking – Part One is on tomorrow, and it will be the last event to feature the DWCA Shop for 2015. So if you want to do some Christmas shopping for all your Whovian friends, now’s the time!

The final release of the classic DVD range – the infinitely quotable The Underwater Menace – will be available for purchase on the day, just a few days after its Australian release. You can even get it signed by the designer of the Fish People (as well as some obscure monsters called the Cybermen) herself, Alexandra Tynan.


Our second guest, Gary Russell, has his name to a wide range of novels and audio dramas as both a writer and director. There’ll be plenty of releases available for him to sign on the day, but all in limited numbers, so make sure you get in quick!

Meri Amber will also have copies of her Doctor Who-themed album ‘Pop Goes the TARDIS’ on sale.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The shop will feature some much-anticipated new releases from Big Finish, including UNIT: Extinction, serving as the audio debut for Kate Stewart and Osgood; Torchwood: The Conspiracy, featuring the immortal Captain Jack Harkness; and Doom Coalition 1, which sees the Eighth Doctor gain both a new companion and a new enemy!


Finally, fill up your Christmas stocking with toys and collectables for fans young and old. Whether your preference is for action figures, sonic screwdrivers or slippers, we’ve got the goods. You can even pick up a Weeping Angel to put on your Christmas tree!

All these items and more will be available at Look Who’s Talking – Part One on Sunday 6 December at Burwood Library, Sydney. Picking them up at the event is the best way to guarantee you’ll have them in time for Christmas, so make sure you swing by!