Doctor Who stars at upcoming events around Australia

“Whoniverse” is an event being held by Hub Productions

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Alex Kingston will be appearing 9th of May in Sydney, 10th of May in Brisbane, 13th of May in Perth, 16th of May in Melbourne and 17th of May in Adelaide.

The Hub Production’s website for details is:


Oz Comic-Con’s latest two events in Perth on April 11th-12th and Adelaide on April 18th-19th has announced three Doctor Who related guests. They are: Billie Piper, Finn Jones and Ben Browder.

Oz Comic-Con’s website for details is:


Supanova’s latest two events in Melbourne on April 10th-12th and Gold Coast on April 17th-19th has announced two Doctor Who related guests. They are: James Masters and Kevin McNally.

Supanova’s website for details is:

Kate Stewart to star in new spin-off series


Jemma Redgrave is set to return as UNIT’s Chief Scientific Officer Kate Stewart in a new spin-off series produced exclusively for audio by Big Finish Productions.

UNIT: The New Series will launch in November of 2015 with a 5CD box set, with three further box sets planned in to 2016 and early 2017. The first release, titled UNIT: Extinction, sees Kate and her team battle against the Autons, last seen on screen in 2010’s The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang and who have confronted UNIT before in both Spearhead From Space (1970) and Terror of the Autons (1971).

David Richardson, line producer at Big Finish, described UNIT: Extinction as “a really big epic Earth invasion story” as well as being “a bit of a head-turner”. Richardson was coy as to who else would be joining the cast – could the recently killed-off Osgood be making a return appearance, or perhaps classic series regular Captain Mike Yates? – but he did tease that “there is more exciting news to come”.

Whilst Big Finish have been producing audio drama based on Doctor Who for many years under a licensing agreement with BBC Worldwide, this announcement comes as a significant milestone as it is the first to feature characters from the post-2005 world of Doctor Who. Richardson added that “we feel privileged to work within the universe of New Series Doctor Who for the first time. UNIT: Extinction will showcase all the excitement, drama and wit that viewers of Doctor Who love.”

Past highlights from Big Finish include The Light at the End, the 50th Anniversary Special reuniting many Doctors and companions in a pitch battle against the Master; and the great expansion of the Eighth Doctor’s life beyond his (at-the-time) sole television appearance, giving him many companions name-checked in 2013’s The Night of the Doctor. They are also set to adapt Damaged Goods, a novel by Russell T Davies, later in the year.

UNIT: Extinction will be written by Andrew Smith (Full Circle, The First Sontarans) and Matt Fitton (Dark Eyes 3, The Wrong Doctors).

A wide range of Big Finish CDs are available from the DWCA Shop. Contact for more information.

LEGO® Doctor Who set to materialise later this year


The LEGO Group has announced that it will be producing a LEGO Doctor Who set.

The concept for a Doctor Who set came from the LEGO® IDEAS website where fans can submit ideas for a set and vote for their favourite idea to be produced.

The Doctor Who concept from fan Andrew Clark received the 10,000 votes requisite for The LEGO Group to consider it for production.

A licensing agreement between BBC Worldwide and The LEGO Group will see the new set available in all of The LEGO Group’s key markets before the end of the year.

Andrew’s winning design featured a range of Doctors, companions and monsters across the show’s history, but fans will have to wait until later this year to discover what will be produced.

Marcus Arthur, MD of BBC Worldwide UK said, “Both Doctor Who and LEGO enjoy a particularly close relationship with their fans and I can’t wait to see what LEGO produce.”

Emma Owen, UK spokesperson for LEGO Ideas commented:

“We’re extremely excited to announce that a Doctor Who and a WALL-E set will be released as our next LEGO Ideas fan based sets, congratulations to the designers Andrew Clark and Angus MacLane!

“After receiving over 10,000 votes from the online community and having gone through rigorous toy testing from our expert panel, these awesome sets are on track to be on shelves later this year. The final set designs, pricing and availability are being worked out as we speak, so watch this space for the final details!”


As part of the DWCA’s ongoing celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in Australia. The club is running an online survey to gather fans, not just members of the DWCA, reactions to recent and past Doctor Who as seen on television and on all the ancillary material that makes up Doctor Who be they spin-offs, merchandise, events and activities by fans.

You have until April 30th to fill in the survey. All the results gathered from the survey plus commentary will be published later in the year.

You can go directly to the survey using this hyperlink.

Please take the time to fill it in as we are very interested in your likes/dislikes and views.

All questions on the survey, except for a few information type questions, are optional. Fill in what you can or wish to.

You do not have to be a member of the DWCA to enter this survey, anyone can take the survey. If you know of anyone who may be interested please direct them to this webpage so they can click on the hyperlink and go to the survey.

To encourage you to enter the survey we will be providing two prizes.  One person from all the people who enter the survey will win a prize and one person from just those DWCA members who enter will also win a prize. Details of the prizes will be announced shortly.

50 years of “Doctor Who” on Australian Television.

The ABC justly celebrated the BBC anniversary of Doctor Who in Nov. 2013 – but that was not the start date of the show Down Under, sadly the ABC seems intent on ignoring its own anniversary dates, maybe as there are so many different dates in various states of Australia.

Due to hiccups with what the ABC thought was a faulty print of an episode they had received “Doctor Who” in Australia began over a year later than in England, on January 12th 1965, in Perth. But this was not the start in other states as television then was not networked with satellites, instead 16mm films of episodes had to be flown from one city to another, making a string of different anniversary dates in Australia. Sydney was the next city, so will mark this 50th anniversary this Wed., January 15th as will various NSW Country stations and ACT. This was followed by screenings on 22nd January for Brisbane and Toowoomba, 20th February for Melbourne and various Victorian country stations, 4th March for Townsville, 15th March for Adelaide, 18th March for Rockhampton and finally on 11th June for Hobart and Launceston.

Many ABC stations were yet to be opened by January 1965 and in fact 10 opened in 1965 and a further 14 in 1966. This meant that various areas in Australia did not see their first Doctor Who until later in the first season and some in the middle of a story! Some areas did not even have an ABC transmitter, so missed out altogether.

Dr Antony Howe – Founder and 1st President, “Australasian Doctor Who Fan Club”, 1976. (Now Doctor Who Club of Australia)

And Mr Dallas Jones – 2nd President and currently Vice President of Doctor Who Club of Australia

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